Sep 202013
Meaty Mound

She likes her pussy to be on display...

Petra's tight, little cunny is a thing of beauty. Petra knows this and she wants it to be appreciated. She's on a mission to put her meaty mound out there for men and women to gaze upon and enjoy. "The first time a boy saw me naked, his jaw dropped when he saw how snug my pussy looked. He dropped down to his knees then and there and asked me if he could kiss it. No one had ever done that before, but I told him to go for it, and when he did, it was like something inside me lit up. Getting eaten out was the ultimate form of pussy worship. I can't wait to meet more worshippers...."

Her cunny is so delicious it deserves daily tongue lashings...

"I've always been a horny girl. My clit is extra-sensitive and even the slightest thing rubbing against it gets my juices flowing. Since I sleep naked, sometimes I'll wake up horny because the sheets or a pillow end up pressing against my cunny. The best is when someone wakes me up with their tongue on my clitty. If I could get my pussy eaten daily, I'd be the happiest girl alive."

So what else gets that wet slitty of yours even slicker, Petra?

"I like to think about the naughtiest things possible. Like my best friend's boyfriend. Sometimes I'll catch him staring at my ass when he thinks she and I aren't looking. I like to imagine running into him in a stairwell someplace and having him confess his eternal hard-on for me. I would gladly spread my legs so he could do a little worshipping of his own. I also like to picture his girlfriend watching us while we fuck and watching her pussy juices drip out while she cums at the sight of us. God, I'm wet already!"

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