Watch and learn

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Mar 292017
Watch and learn

When this scene opens, Nina Dolci, a 42-year-old beauty from Palm Beach, Florida, is wearing a short, tight dress. Her nipples are clearly visible, and when she walks up a spiral staircase, we can see her long, muscular legs and fuck-me pumps. When she gets to the bedroom, her guy is lying in bed.

"I'm here to give you some lessons," she tells him.


"I'm going to show you exactly how it's done."


She means fucking. First she shows him how she sucks cock, and that's only a lesson for any women who might be watching. Nina does an excellent job, throwing in some ball-sucking and cock jacking, because a good BJ has many facets. Then she hops on top of his cock and, again, we're not sure if this is a lesson or Nina simply getting what she wants. Of course, the guy gets what he wants and ends up blowing his load in Nina's mouth.

Nina is a personal trainer who has spent her life in South Florida. She's been in fitness competitions. She says she has sex four times a week and love sucking cock and having her pussy eaten. She said, "I enjoy watching others have sex and get turned on by them watching me."

Oh, we're watching you, Nina. We're not learning much, but we're definitely watching.

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Jessica And Charlotte

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Mar 292017
Jessica And Charlotte

For those who love girl-on-girl, this pictorial will provide a load of fantasy fuel. Now who's the blonde who looks so familiar? It's the slimmed-down Charlotte, the covergirl of several SCORE Group magazines. Charlotte was once a bit fleshy (the reason she was a popular little dish in Voluptuous magazine). She looks sensational paired here with Jessica!

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So Good For Morning Wood

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Mar 292017
So Good For Morning Wood

The sun is rising on a tropical island in the Bahamas and the ocean is right within reach. There's a warm breeze blowing and you've got a cold, fruity drink with an umbrella in it in your hand. You're in paradise, man. And lo and behold, it's Christy in a tiny bikini and she is jogging up to you (maybe in slow motion...hey it's a fantasy!) and telling you she wants to go skinny dipping. (Who are you to stop her, right?) She strips down and frolics in the surf as the sun comes over the horizon. If ever there was a moment to have morning wood, this is it.

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The Toy Box and Her Box

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Mar 292017
The Toy Box and Her Box

Desirae doesn't get dressed in this new pictorial so don't start climbing the walls. No, she stays like this throughout the show and even whips out a fuck toy. That's good because that's the way we like her. Besides, you've already seen Desirae's "Reverse Strip" pictorial. Can't get enough of Desirae? On Location Key Largo is finally out as a 2 disk DVD. As their special guest, Desirae joins boob forces with the greatest all-naturals of Europe: Chloe Vevrier (Germany), Lorna Morgan (Wales), Chaz and Kerry Marie (England). This is one of the greatest big boob movies ever made. 'Nuff said.

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Jezhabelle…the name fits

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Mar 292017
Jezhabelle...the name fits

As I'm writing this, Elliot James and I are remembering Jezhabelle. Waxing poetic is more like it. I asked Elliot, "Is Jezhabelle the horniest girl you ever met who didn't do XXX?" He said, "Yes." And when you watch this video, you'll probably say, "Huh? She never did hardcore?" Nope. Never.

Even though, in this video, she's deep-sucking the strap-on cock attached to our videographer and getting her tits rubbed by the same lucky videographer then sitting on top of his strap-on cock and riding it hard, his filthy meathooks caressing her sweet, round ass as she rides it. It's as close to hardcore as a girl can possibly get without doing hardcore. In fact, I once asked Elliot, "What's the difference between this and real hardcore?" He said, "Nothing. Except for the pop shot." And you know what? He's right.

Jezhabelle was discovered by one of our roving photographers. The guy was hanging out at the club where Jezhabelle was dancing (Vegas Cabaret in Lauderhill, Florida), and he told her about posing for Voluptuous and SCORE. She said, "Sure!" But although she was a dancer and went on to do this very raunchy scene, Jezhabelle is and remains a regular girl. A regular, very horny girl.

"I go to the beach, eat out, go to the movies," she said. "If you hang out in South Florida, chances are you'll run into me. Don't be bashful. Come up. Say hi. We can talk about anything you want. I love talking about sex, too."

Okay, so how regular is Jezhabelle? Well, I've met a lot of models, and I've never met one whose favorite restaurant is Golden Corral. If you're wondering, Golden Corral is a low-budget buffet restaurant where you can fill your plate over and over again for 10 bucks. So what I'm saying is, this is not a high-maintenance girl. You don't have to spend a ton of money on her to impress her.

Again, how regular? She watches a lot of porn. She's gone through more than a handful of pocket rockets. And this scene? The one you're about to watch?

"One of the best fuckings I've ever gotten," she said. "About halfway through, I almost pulled his real cock out of his pants."

But she didn't, and I'm not sure if that's our loss because this scene is good enough the way it is. As for the videographer? Elliot and I still don't know how he didn't cum in his pants. Or maybe he did.

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