May 042016
Dream Stream

Kharlie Stone is the perfect schoolgirl, and we couldn't help but take a peek of her peeing. She has an interesting way of going to the bathroom. She stands over the toilet with one foot on the seat while she unleashes her pee. Maybe it's because she likes to see her own stream as much as you do. She gives us views from the front and back, because we want to see her ass as much as we want to see her slit. Once she's done doing her business she wipes her pussy only to get it wet all over again when she masturbates and cums.

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May 032016
Sprayin' & Spreadin'

Did you know that guys like to watch girls pee?

I never really thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. They like to spy on us in the locker room because we get naked in there, and in the bathroom we're dropping our panties and exposing our pussies. I've shared a stall with a guy before, but it was to fuck. But I would have totally let him watch me pee if he wanted. I'm not shy!"

What's it like for girls to go to the bathroom?

"It's pretty relaxed and open. That's why we go in groups. If there's just one big stall we'll pee in front of each other while talking like it's no big deal. We'll take a peek at each other's pussies and gossip about who we're hooking up with."

What did you think when we asked you to tinkle for L'il Pissers?

"That I better drink a lot of water! I kind of wished there was a guy there watching me during my scene. That's what I was thinking of as I fingered my pussy, some pervy guy jacking his cock to my hot piss stream dripping out of me!"

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May 032016
Fuck My Ass!

"I always kind of knew that I would love anal. I was never afraid to try new things, and one day I just stuck my finger in my butt. Just as I suspected, it was great. It would get to the point where I wouldn't even bother to touch my pussy when I played with myself. I'd just go straight for my ass. Don't get me wrong, I love to be fucked in my pussy. And I don't do anal with every guy. But if the moment is right and I'm just that turned on, there's nothing like getting fucked in the ass."

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May 032016
Modeling for Cum

Sandy is a little taken back when she's asked to undress at her modeling audition. But she doesn't know if she's shocked at the audacity of the guy interviewing her, or how wet her pussy got at his request. Well, why get mad when you can get fucked, right? Sandy figures the only reason girls model is so people can ogle their hotness and more importantly, so guys can look at them while they're jerking off. She'd much rather make a guy cum with her mouth and pussy rather than a picture of her. It's no fun having them cum on a picture; she wants a load on her face. And that's just what she gets after a dirty humping on the patio.

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May 032016

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