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Aug 272016
SpectacularSpectacular featuring Kristen Scott by Als Photographer

Police Woman

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Aug 262016
Police Woman

Don't you hate it when you're pulled over by the cops? Doesn't that just spoil your day? Well, with Kerry Marie as your arresting officer, you may want to break one or two more laws just in hopes of seeing that smokin' hot body. A body so lethal, it must be illegal. I can picture it now, "Sir, spread your legs and let me do my job." Yes mam! Anything you say. You'll be begging to be handcuffed and taken for a ride with this officer of sex laws. Watch her play with her nightstick and get herself off. Picture yourself in handcuffs and at her mercy. Criminals all over would surrender to the lusciousness of this busty beauty. There should be more officers like Kerry Marie. That way getting a ticket won't seem so horrible, and justice would be a pleasant experience.

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Cat’s Hot Date

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Aug 262016
Cat's Hot Date

The joy of having Cat Bangles back is surpassed by seeing Cat purr like the sex kitten she is. When Cat gets on a hot skin flute, look out! This girl was really made for Miami where she can dress like this all year long instead of the fall and winters in Boston.

We've all had to wait for dates to get ready to go out. You sit, you wait, you watch TV or look at your phone. It's part of the normal ritual that must be followed. Jimmy here waits for Cat to descend the spiral staircase. When she does, all the waiting was worthwhile. Who would not wait a full day for a chick like Cat to make her entrance? Jimmy-boy loses it when he sees Cat and gets busy on her right then and there. She's eager for some sexin' too. Now he's going to be waiting longer to go out because Cat will need to shower off the nut he's dropped on her world-class tits and get ready all over again.

We asked Cat if she thinks being a model changed her at all.

"I wouldn't say change," Cat replied with a smile and bright eyes. (She's a real eye-banger.) "I would say evolve because I've always been very sexual. But after starting at SCORE, I'm more confident and interested in more sexual activity. I'm very open-minded. Now I can do it all and let it all hang out."

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Black & Gold Brassiere

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Aug 262016
Black & Gold Brassiere

"Sometimes I wish I could wear clothes that other women wear," says Lorna. "My friend has a great figure and her boobs aren't as big as mine. She can put a dress on and look so sophisticated. And I can put the same dress on and I look like I should be waiting on the street corner. It's just the boob thing. Sometimes you want sophisticated-looking boobs."

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Aug 262016

P.D. writes: "Merilyn has come in like thunder! I keep forgetting what a hotbed of talent Europe really is! She has it all, the booty, the beautiful face and boobs to drool over. Maybe I should go there for my stag party."

R.S. writes: "I can't get enough of Merilyn. Thanks for such sharp, clear pics. I hate cheap, fuzzy photography. You do her justice and she is so hot on video. One of the best-looking girls on the Internet. Other girls are ugly dogs next to her."

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