Dec 012015
String Fling

Elsa, that's quite a tiny bikini you brought to our studio.
"I know. It barely covers my nipples. I think it looks nice with my little tits, and it's not quite as shocking as it would be on a girl with bigger tits. I do still get a lot of looks when I wear this bikini though. It's one of my favorite things to wear to the beach. I like to flaunt my flatness and my perky butt. Sometimes I like to ask random guys to rub sunblock on me so I can watch them get hard-ons. It usually doesn't go anywhere, but one time I did fuck a guy I met on the beach. He started massaging me while rubbing the sunblock in, and he really knew what he was doing. He made my pussy soaking wet!"

Where did you end up fucking this random dude?
"Well, at first we went into the ocean and started making out and feeling up on each other. There were a lot of people around so we weren't going to fuck there. We were both really turned on and into the moment, so we went to his SUV and fucked in there. I came like crazy. It was one of the hottest experiences I ever had."

Had you ever fucked someone you didn't know before?
"No. That was the first and only time. Generally speaking I like to get to know someone at least a little bit before we have sex. But that time I was just so horny that nothing else mattered. We texted a little bit after that one time, but I never saw him again. I'm totally fine with that because I don't think we would have been able to top it."

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Dec 012015

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Helpless teen Lizzie Bell went out for a simple walk. She took a wrong turn and is now lost. She doesn't know how to get back home. She's getting scared, hoping she'll find her way back before it gets dark. She's been walking for hours. Fortunately, a white van approaches and the driver stops to see if she needs help. She begs him for a ride, telling him she'll do anything. He agrees to help and she gets in. They talk for awhile, but he eventually gets right down to business. If she wants a ride, she better be willing to have some fun. She's a bit nervous but wants to get home. She's thinking a deepthroat BJ will be enough but learns that it won't when her wrists are tied to together. He pulls her to the back of the van where she must endure rope bondage, more domination, BDSM, rough sex, all outdoors. He even has a dungeon with sex toys for a slave training session. He wants Lizzie to squirt over and over.


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Dec 012015
GrillerGriller featuring Aria Alexander by Als Photographer
Nov 302015
Jack To Her Flaps

Layla's dark lotus flower is lovely.

Layla is a prime example of a girl with big pussy lips and a little hole. Even when she spreads her dark flaps, we can barely see what's inside. We also love the gradient effect that starts with the dark purple of her outer lips and fades to a light pink in her juicy center. "I have a confession to make," Layla told us. "I don't like to wear thongs. It's not because they ride up my butt. It's because they can't contain my massive lips! They'll end up slipping out the sides. So I just wear basic full-back cotton panties. I wish I could be sexy and wear thongs, but oh well! If I'm wearing something tight, I'll just skip the panties altogether and let my lips hang free."

Are your lips sensitive?

"A little bit. It feels good to have them played with and sucked on. I like it when a guy buries his face in my pussy and I can see my lips fanned out on his cheeks as he eats me out."

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Nov 292015
Two Pussies for One Cock

Emilee and Angelina's favorite summer day activity is eating ice cream off of each other's bodies. You can tell by the way they expertly lick each other's nipples that it's something they do often. They live together and share the same bed and have spent many nights burying their tongues deep in each other's twats. And while they enjoy getting each other off, they're flexible with their sex lives and don't mind adding a cock to the equation. When that happens, Emilee and Angelina give the guy a show as they both lick his cock at the same time before they take turns fucking him. See how they get down with each other and another guy in this hot scene. And let this serve as a lesson to always carry a video camera with you, because you never know when two hot sluts will fuck you in a threeway.

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